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  • Vibration analysis
  • System design
  • Hardware and software development

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With many years' experience in developing and deploying software in the field of machine/vibration analysis and communication engineering, we offer our customers various consultancy services.

Our products have reliably worked for years in industry, where a high availability is crucial. The experience to have developed its own modern and adjustable product with high system stability is a good basis for consultancy services before and during the development of other products. As we work directly at the end user's organisation and, among others, put software and devices into operation, we are aware of the customers' demands. Our services are tailored to fully meet their needs.

We know that an open system can be only successful if the system parts are modular and can work independently. Experience is in most cases more than only knowledge in particular areas. Experience helps to avoid bottlenecks before they become apparent. We would like to offer our experience to other companies in form of consultancy services.