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Leipa PM4

Partner of Voith Paper regarding the Leipa PM4 project

Voith Paper Automation combines competence in process optimization systems and automation and develops application-oriented solutions for the cellulose and paper industry as a reliable partner. Voith Paper Automation delivers complete solutions for new or already existing plants as well as individual solutions for extension, reconstruction and modernization.

Voith Paper Automation supplied all the automation solutions for the project LEIPA-Schwedt PM 4. The new LWC production line is equipped with a comprehensive Voith Monitoring System. As for the permanent monitoring and remote diagnosis of vibration-causing mechanical parts, such as anti-friction bearings and gear-boxes, Voith relies on the VibroCheck technology of S ON S. The monitoring of the mechanical status of the Leipa PM4 machine helps to recognize at an early stage that bearings get damaged. Automatically and depending on the problem, the responsible staff member on site will be immediately notified about the specific situation. This allows to reduce unplanned machine breakdowns and to perfectly coordinate scheduled downtimes with other maintenance services for PM 4.