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The VC Node Mux is a galvanically isolated 16:1 multiplexer. The output of the multiplexer can be assigned via jumpers to DA1/DA2 or DB1/DB2.

By using EIA-422 interface a distance of 1000m may be bridged. It is controlled by a data vector. The maximum number in a chain is limited to 8 VC Node Mux (8 VC Node Mux = 128 channels). A concatenation by a short ribbon cable is possible. (lateral connectors, cable included).

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Product features
Inputs 16
Outputs 2 (selectable via Jumper)
Connectors Control / IO 8 x connectors, 1x8 pole, 3.5mm
Chaining 2 x connectors, 2x10 pole, 2.54mm
Electrical interface EIA-422
Signals Data vector, clock, strobe
Transmission speed 1000 Bd
Transmission length 1000 m
Case Plastic case (127 x 140 x 50 mm)

Fields of application
Temperature range 0 °C … +70 °C
Humidity 10 % .. 90 % (don’t fog)
Protection type IP 20

Electrical data
Electrical design DC extern
Operating voltage 24V DC
Current consumption 50 mA
Current consumption III
Reverse voltage protection Yes
Galvanic isolation Yes