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Softwarefor condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring System

  • Vibration diagnosis
  • Online machine monitoring system
  • Early damage detection
  • up to 2048 stationary measuring points
  • up to 4096 mobile measuring points

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Online Monitoring System (up to 2048 channels)

Fields of Application

The VibroCheck System can be used in all those areas of industrial production where it is necessary to monitor and diagnose vibration-causing mechanical parts. Thanks to its capability to log several measured physical parameters, to evaluate them as electrical signals and to interpret them combined with an efficient expert system, VibroCheck is suitable as an early-warning system for many purposes before heavy damage occurs.

Features like the multitude of different measured data and the monitoring of various measuring points predestine VibroCheck to be used both in big plants, such as steel works, ocean-going ships or power plants, and in minor systems, such as wind power plants.

Due to open, flexible and network-compatible interfaces, the system is well-suited for integrating other systems and for getting integrated itself into other software applications.

You can find a list of references here.

Because of its broad functionality and wide range of applications, the VibroCheck System is a complex system which is, nevertheless, easy to operate.

In addition,  SONS Online Systems GmbH offers a Demo Version of the VibroCheck System which you can request here.


VibroCheck is based on Microsoft Windows and runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

VibroCheck offers the following facilities:

  • user-friendly, intuitively operable setup software
  • histogram (bar chart) functions and trend analyses
  • cleverly devised alarm systems
  • expert alarm system for early warnings
  • individual notification via e-mail or short notices on a varying scale
  • OPC client interface: for example import of speeds, export of alarms
  • OPC server function for the output of the current measuring data (accessory option)

The current state of industrial plants can be visualised by means of:

  • numerous intuitively operable tools which are used to represent the state of a plant exactly and immediately
  • freely configurable plant visualisation
  • multi-level visualisation where the system measuring points are hierarchically represented, beginning from the whole monitored plant to the individual measuring point
  • history functions
  • alarm log books where the alarms can be represented and be quitted by the user responsible
  • maintenance planner

The hardware of the VibroCheck Systems includes:

  • up to 2048stationary measuringpoints
  • up to 4096mobile measurementpoints
  • up to 8 stations
  • a database for storing data over several years (dependent on the size of the whole system and disk capacity)